Maryland man who attacked a police station in 2016 gets 195 years in prison

A Maryland man who attacked a police station in the year 2016 has been sentenced for 195 years in Prison. On Thursday, a jury at the court announced the verdict in the 2016 case in which one officer from Narcotics Department got killed, say reports.

Authorities identified the suspect as Michael Ford, 25-year-old. The police officers arrested Ford in November and charged him with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and also for killing a Narcotics detective, Jacai Colson.

Prosecutor Joseph Ruddy said that motive of the suspect was not to harm anyone but to get himself killed by police. He fired his gun outside the police station for at least 12 times, and that clearly indicated the motive of the suspect, the Prosecutor added. Ford fired 23 shots following which no one was injured, but an ambulance and two vehicles got hit by the bullets, said Ruddy during the trials closing argument.

A report says that the suspect and the narcotic officer Colson exchanged gunfire with each other and later on, Colson’s colleague fired a gunshot on him mistaking him for a threat. Officer Taylor Krauss said that he was not aware that Colson holds up a badge and while he was trying to shoot him he did not even identify himself as a police officer, he added.

There have been reports that Colson’s parents are willing to take legal action against Krauss and Prince George’s County, condemning Krauss for irresponsibly firing his gun. Krauss and Colson were colleagues and worked in the narcotics unit together.

Malik and Elijah, two brothers of Ford, recorded a video of the incident on their cell phone as they wanted to post the video on WorldstarHipHop.com. Both Malik and Elijah have been found guilty in related charges and are sentenced for 20 and 12 years in prison.