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Massachusetts woman who was reported missing from a Boston bar found: Police

On Tuesday, the police officers reported that the Massachusetts woman who was missing from a Boston bar since late Saturday night had been found alive. A 38-year-old Charlestown man has been charged following suspicious of kidnapping, the police said.

Reports say that Olivia Ambrose, 23, is being evaluated and treated after the incident at a nearby hospital. Boston Police Department Commissioner William Gross told reporters that Olivia is in good health now.

Authorities charged Victor Pena,38, with kidnapping and arrested him after Ambrose was found inside his apartment, Gross said.

The police commissioner while interacting with the news channels reported that Olivia was standing next to the suspect in his apartment when the officials made the entry. “We eventually separated them, and the suspect was apprehended, Gross added.

While police are still investigating the situation, Gross said: “it’s obvious from video surveillance [Ambrose] did not go along [with Pena] willingly.”

A report says that Olivia Ambrose, 23, was last seen outside Hennessy’s Bar talking to a man around 11 p.m. Olivia was accompanied with her sister Franny Ambrose when they entered the bar but got separated as usual. They got separated as they were out dancing with friends, said Franny said reports.

Local sources say that Ambrose was spotted on surveillance video at around 11.40 pm outside the bar with two unknown males. Video footage showed one of the guys walking ahead of Ambrose, while the other placed his arm around her.

After the officials successfully located Ambrose and she was back home, the family members in one of the statements on Tuesday said that they’re grateful for those who assisted in the search to find the 23-year-old. Ambrose’s family also thanked Boston Police, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Transit police, as well as Hennessy’s bar for their help.

“The Ambrose family is also so appreciative of all the efforts, prayers and good wishes of their friends, family, and strangers who have helped in the efforts to find Olivia,” the statement continued. “And finally, they want to thank Olivia’s co-workers at Toast who sprang into action and were instrumental in getting the word out. The family is overjoyed.”