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Oregon man sentenced for two years in prison for sexually assaulting a horse: Reports

On Friday, a jury sentenced an Oregon man to 20 months in prison after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a horse, the previous year, say reports.

The accused, Kenneth L. Duyck, pleaded guilty to sexual assault of an animal, second-degree burglary in a Washington County courtroom and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. The officials arrested Duyck when a call reached the authorities that someone had sexually assaulted a black mare horse named Ellie inside a Hillsboro barn.

The court documents say that the owner of the property discovered the horse “tied up in an unusual way on 19th of April. The horse was tied in a way that was different when the owner left the animal. The owner’s daughter being a veterinarian said that the horse had been sexually abused, according to the reports.

Following the incident, the owner remembered that Duyck called her a day before to sleep on her property and she gave a negative response to the request, said local sources.

The owner then informed the authorities about the mishappening at her property and Duyck was interrogated by the officials. Duyck admitted to Washington County deputies that he tied up the horse and planned to groom it, but instead ejaculated on its tail. There have been reports that Duyck has autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and he failed to take his medication at the time of the incident and “made a bad decision.”

After Duyck was found guilty during a hearing in the courtroom, the judge ordered Duyck to register as a sex offender and attend sex offender and mental health treatment. Besides this, the judge also barred him from owning horses and any kind of domestic animals for 15 years.