Google Assistant’s latest feature is a personalized audio news feed

Beginning today, you can ask Google Assistant to “play me to the news” and it’ll make a curated playlist of sound news stories. The element, called Your News Update, is accessible on any phone or smart speaker with access to Google Assistant. Each update will begin with a few short, general intrigue news nibbles before progressing to longer-frame stories.

For instance, in case you’re a Steelers fan in Chicago, Google says you may initially hear an anecdote about the most recent work on the “L” metro framework before the update moves to a gander at the ongoing Steelers game and a blend of national features. Google says Assistant will pick these accounts dependent on your inclinations, area and history, just as the top features right then and there. The organization clarifies that the element works by dissecting what’s said in a sound record to coordinate stories with individuals. In the middle of every news hit, Assistant will toll in to tell you what story you’re going to tune in to straightaway, just as what association distributed it.

To empower the component, dispatch the Google application and explore to the Assistant settings page. Under the “You” tab, discover and tap the “News” subheading, trailed by the “Change your playlist group” alternative and afterward tap “Your News Update.” The element is as of now accessible just in the US, however Google says its arrangements to extend its accessibility all inclusive beginning one year from now.